About Us

Multi Care Nursing Home

What we provide:
A safe, secured and comfortable home for our aged-residents. Experienced Staff are capable of supporting aged-residents with special needs. Senior Staff has years of experience taking care of aged-residents with major or multiple disabilities. A holistic approach in caring for the aged-residents.

Nursing care
Type of stay :

  • Assisted living
  • Short term stay
  • Daycare
  • Rehabilitation
  • 24 Hours of nursing care
  • Resort-like living
  • Illness & disease management

We welcome all elderly from all walks of life:
We aim to ensure our aged-resident feels loved. Our aged-residents are from all walks of life as we create a space for all elderly folks. We focus on providing a sustainable living for the under-privileged aged residents.

We believe:
We are one of the pioneers in elder care and one of the oldest retirement home in Malaysia. We are often upgrading our facilities to cater to our ages-residents. As we create surety in the minds of our aged-residents. Providing a safe and secured space ensures comfort. We focus on the health care and mental state of our aged-residents.

Our management team, nurses and caregivers work around the clock. We provide top-notch security and safety operations.